Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer: Potential Obama Wiretapping Is “Soviet-Level Wrongdoing” (VIDEO)

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaffer was on Fox and Friends this morning and he addressed concerns about the Obama administration wire tapping President Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign.  The Colonel stated:

This is huge! I mean, dare I say this is Soviet level wrongdoing….The Obama Administration was taking on the form using their version of the FSB, or the KGB, to go and target a candidate.  Let me be very clear on this for your audience, simply because you don’t like someone does not give you the right as the sitting President to do something like this….

Schaffer went on to say that this is completely ‘insidious’ and the order of the ‘magnitude of Watergate’.


This is turning out to be another illegal action of the corrupt Democrat Obama Administration.


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