Louise Mensch’s #NeverTrump Blog, HeatStreet, Goes After The Gateway Pundit. They Fail – Miserably.

In the wake of party girl Malia’s alcohol outing, Heat Street scum attempts to go after The Gateway Pundit & Wintrich. They fail. Sad!

Heat Street’s own resident nobody Lukas Mikelionis has made somewhat of a career for himself out of posting absolute nothing stories with vacuous or equivocal titles to go along with them. His recent hit piece on conservative superstar lawyer and writer Mike Cernovich revolved around the blogger’s changing of b-roll material in a documentary – this reached Mikelionis’ usual scant audience. His work usually dies in silence.

All of this should not come as a surprise considering Heat Street is the product of conspiracy-spewing lunatic Louise Mensch. From her numerous appearances lately on mainstream outlets to her now trademarked errant stupidity on Twitter, Louise Mensch has solidified her publication’s reputation as an insufferably lame liberal never-Trump propaganda tool.

The former British MP can be seen speaking without a filter on nonsense time and time again:

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know,  Mensch also believes that Trump was installed as our President by the Russians, and that Steve Bannon paid Putin to kill Andrew Breitbart so that he could take over:

https://twitter.com/LouiseMensch/status/835152898631864320?ref_src=twsrc% 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Facecomments.mu.nu% 2F% 3Fpost% 3D368602

https://twitter.com/LouiseMensch/status/835153463248105472?ref_src=twsrc% 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Facecomments.mu.nu% 2F% 3Fpost% 3D368602

Mensch has been vocal in her support of feminism, but like so many other crazed feminazis, Mensch appears to live in the land of make believe as she can be seen ranting and raving endlessly about Russian conspiracies and strange connective links as well as the “misogyny” and abuse she receives on Twitter.

The thing to note with Heat Street is the total lack of positive support from their audience. The readership tends to condemn the work of the writers or question their merit and legitimacy, take for example the comment section on the poorly put together Joe Simonson hit piece against TGP’s own Lucian Wintrich: as one commentator wrote, “You can’t even TRY to be objective and actually tell the news, can you? The gay conservatives just break the mold. Therefore: ATTACK!!!”

Look at the following tacky intro by Simonson, clearly, he is unaware of who Lucian Wintrich even is seeing as he’s not British, sounds nothing like Milo, and has a completely different approach to being a conservative, and why are they so quick to lump him in with Milo? Because they’re both gay and wear suits, of course! Tacky and unprofessional.

Leave it to the failing Heat Street and their lazy, pandering lefty-in-disguise editorial staff to totally miss real news, real topics, and real content. Considering Louise Mensch’s role in the development of the site’s reputation, it’s no surprise they don’t work in reality.

This all came to a head today, when Lukas Mikelionis reached out to Lucian Wintrich for comment on his altercation with Malia Obama just a few nights ago:

Mikelionis, obviously ignoring the actual story to focus on a separate tweet of Wintrich’s that shows the eldest Obama girl at yet another 21+ bar. Wintrich was quick to correct him:

At this point, the transparently incompetent HeatStreet writer attempted to get Wintrich to disparage a fellow Gateway Pundit writer:


That is when Wintrich had enough and issued a lengthy letter criticizing the Never-Trumper publication, calling it out for what it is:



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