Both Judges Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Made Decision Based on Fake News

A leaked DHS document is at the center of Trump’s travel ban controversy.

Evidence that has been central to the two Federal judges instrumental in the March 15th revocation of President Trump’s travel ban was recently found to be false. The leaked Department of Homeland Security document first came to light via the Associated Press, where it was detailed in a February 24th article and has been cited as integral to the decision making process for the judges.

The most important thing to note regarding this new information is that the judges based their ruling on false information about the actual threat and risk that refugees pose in regards to national security. To compound the problem, the leaked document mentions nothing about the potential health risk refugees pose to the general public.

A completely different report compiled by Attorney General Jeff Sessions includes information that would have been more than relevant to the two impulsive judges, Theodore Chuang, federal judge for the District of Maryland and Derrick K. Watson, federal judge for the District of Hawaii.   The pair blatantly missed information on two Islamic Somali refugees who committed acts of terror back in 2016. All of the information featured in the leaked document varies dramatically from the information AG Sessions had put together.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest published a document with further information on 74 people from the seven countries implicated in the travel ban who have been convicted for their acts of terror between the years of 2001 to 2014.

A second document published by the same subcommittee titled “Individuals Implicated in Terrorism Since March 2014” proved with further certainty the shortcomings of both federal judges.

The Daily Caller’s Alex Pfeiffer reported on the topic in June 2016, bringing attention to then Senator Sessions’ and Cruz’s knowledge of those implicated by terrorist activities/involvement:

Cruz and Sessions’ office have so far identified at least 131 additional individuals who have been implicated in terrorism since early 2014 — these haven’t been convicted and are newer cases. At least 54 of these individuals are foreign-born and 16 of them were initially admitted to the United States as refugees. At least another 17 are the natural-born citizen children of immigrants.

In making their decisions, Judge Chuang and Judge Watson both failed to mention the two separate Senate reports. This means they acted without real evidence and put their emotion-based virtue signaling above the safety of U.S. citizens. Both judges failed U.S. citizens by using the fake news AP report as their evidence further proving their incompetency.

Judge Chuang seemed to completely miss the mark from the word “go” when he stated that the leaked AP document was a report from the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis. Chuang’s history makes him extremely suspect in regards to the travel ban as he had worked with DHS as deputy general counsel during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2014. Rather than the impartiality expected of judges, his bias is on full display.

Due to numerous inconsistencies related to the rulings of Judge Chuang and Judge Watson, it is unclear how long the rulings will stay in place.  The Department of Justice is appealing both rulings.


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