Islam Apologist Group CAGE Blames West for London Terrorist Attack

The West is not the problem, Islamic terrorism is to blame.

It is not the West’s duty to babysit potential criminals and “go easy on them”. The self-proclaimed “human rights” group CAGE (laughable) has come forward to blame the London Islamic terror attacks as a “self perpetuating, vicious cycle of violence,” that was apparently brought about by Western foreign policy. CAGE called for the softening of anti-terror laws – THIS IS ABSURD.

CAGE is attempting to empower radical Islamic terrorists and extremely dangerous migrant populations by taking away necessary precautions the West has put in place. The oil-and-water mixture of radical Islam and Western freedom and democracy is the root of the problem.

A blog post from CAGE responding to last week’s ISLAMIC terror attacks attempted to shift public attention toward the shortcomings of the West rather than of Islam. Let us not forget, it was a radicalized Muslim who attacked people, not a Western policymaker, it is Islamic jihadists that threaten Western freedom, not our policymakers. The only place our policymakers have fallen short is in regards to being more aggressive in our treatment of these massive migrant populations. Europe has stopped defending itself and its cultures in favor of a globalist, multiculturalist agenda that is destined to destroy Western civilization unless they tighten their grip.


The blog post reads:

We must acknowledge that the global ‘War on Terror’ has unleashed an endless cycle of violence and murder that has caused immeasurable grief and pain, and will only continue to do so if we do not seek constructive ways to end it . . .

Based on this, one could infer that CAGE would hope to end the War on Radical Islamic terror by allowing Sharia Law and a black flag to wave over every major Western capital. By putting the blame on the West, CAGE is effectively saying we should just give the radicals what they want.

A Breitbart London piece detailing this blog post describes the stance of CAGE at large:

CAGE has been widely condemned for defending terrorists and calling Islamic State executioner Jihadi John an “extremely kind, gentle, beautiful young man”.

Their leading members have been described as Islamists and Salafi fundamentalists, and their ‘outreach director’ is former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg (pictured above with Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell).

Several MPs and London’s deputy “integration” mayor have worked with the group, as well as the National Union of Students (NUS) who campaign against anti-terror laws with them.

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is a huge supporter of CAGE. Let that sink in.

Islamic terror and violence are perpetrated by entitled Muslim terrorists carrying out their Jihad, not Western policy.

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