IRS Commissioner Koskinen Must Be Immediately Fired and Prosecuted


The IRS Conservative Conservative Targeting Scandal before the 2012 election involved:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform on March 26, 2014. Koskinen told Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) during the hearing that Lois Lerner’s emails were archived and it would take a long time to retrieve them.

In June 2014 the IRS told Congress Lois Lerner’s emails were lost in a computer crash.


The documents were later recovered by investigators.

In October 2015 the Obama Department of Justice announced no one would be prosecuted in the IRS targeting scandal.

House Republicans introduced a measure to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in October 2015 for lying to Congress and for illegal targeting of conservative groups. But they later decided not to hold the vote against Koskinen.

On Tuesday Rachel Maddow announced that she had obtained President Trump’s tax return… from 2005.
Someone from deep inside the IRS had to leak this.

It is way past time that political hack was fired.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen should be immediately fired and prosecuted.

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