FLASHBACK: ISIS Calls for Lone Wolf Attacks on West Following Mosul Losses

The Islamic State called on supporters to pull off deadly lone wolf attacks on the West in response to attacks on Mosul in November.

Via Express reported:

ISLAMIC State have called for deadly lone wolf attacks in the West in response to the terror group’s impending loss in Mosul.

The comments were made in an ISIS-linked propaganda magazine, which is published in English, Arabic and French by the Nashir Media Foundation.

The magazine said: “Every soldier fights on the Caliphate land in Iraq and Syria wishes to be in your place. We can cut the tail of the snake but it will sooner grow again. But you have its head.

“Brave Mosul is bleeding. You should stop its bleeding by carrying out exhaustion operations of the Enemy’s power and blood, cut their heads by your knives, let us hear your guns blasting their heads.”

On Wednesday a lone assailant mowed over pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London before being shot dead near the UK Parliament Building in London.


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