FAKE NEWS: Sweden’s Integration Minister Caught Lying About Rape Stats (VIDEO)

Ever since President Trump alluded to Sweden having an issue with safety, the Scandinavian country has been in the news quite a bit. Recently, a top Swedish official was caught lying about the country’s rape stats. Things are worse than she has let  on.

Breitbart reports:



Sweden’s ruling liberal party Integration Minister has been forced into an embarrassing U-turn after she falsely told BBC the number of reported rapes in the country was falling.

Ylva Johansson was giving an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going  down, and going down.”

“The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, she also said, after attacking former UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who recently said Malmo was the “rape capital of Europe” – claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

However, it appears Ms. Johansson isn’t so well informed herself. The latest figures show a 13 per cent increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years.

The misleading claims drew sharp criticism from MPs, economists, and criminologists.

Not only is rape an issue in Sweden, but grenade attacks are becoming a problem too.

As per the Daily Caller:

Sweden reported a 170 percent increase in grenade attacks during 2016, as criminal gangs are able to import them legally.

It is illegal to smuggle weapons into Sweden, but items classified as explosives are fair game. Criminal gangs are taking full advantage while politicians struggle to figure out how to change the law to reflect current trends.

The number of attacks may seem relatively low, with an increase from 10 detonations in 2015 to 27 last year, according a police report released Monday. Police still warn that the trend stands out among “comparable countries” without an ongoing war.

The report says grenades have become the weapon of choice for criminal gangs for their availability, cheap price and low risk of prosecution.

Only a handful of ‘truth telling’ news outlets dare to speak about what’s really happening in Sweden. #VeryFakeNews CNN wouldn’t dare.

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