BOMBSHELL=> Comey to Congress: Russians DID NOT Give Podesta’s Emails to WikiLeaks

Guest post by Joe Hoft

FBI Director James Comey testified in front of Congress on Monday. While the mainstream media (MSM) focused on his statements indicating that the FBI is investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 US election, the highlight of Comey’s testimony was ignored.

Comey mentioned that the FBI is investigating the leaks of secret information to the press and he told the House Intelligence Committee the investigation is still underway and he would be unable to discuss matters linked to the investigation.


However, the most important piece of information that Comey disclosed to Congress was that the Russians did not provide WikiLeaks HIllary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s emails.

Rush Limbaugh pointed this out yesterday –

Comey said something interesting today that nobody’s picked up on yet because they’re so distracted by this other stuff, which I can understand. He was asked specifically if WikiLeaks was furnished their information on Podesta and the phone calls by the Russians, and Comey said no.

The entire case that Democrats make that ‘Russia stole the election from Hillary’ is based on the premise that Russia supplied Podesta’s emails to WikiLeaks which then somehow led to Hillary’s defeat.

Anyone who was halfway interested in the election in the fall of 2016 knows that this is a big lie in so many ways, but specifically because the MSM totally ignored WikiLeak’s dump of Podesta emails before the election.

The MSM did not share Podesta’s emails before the election and now the head of the FBI just announced that the Russians did not give these emails to WikiLeaks. 

This confirms what WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in November – that his group did not get emails related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a “state actor.”

The crazy conspiracy that the ‘Russians prevented Hillary Clinton from winning the 2016 election’ is coming apart at the seams.  Clearly, she was just a horrible candidate.

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