Disgusting: Unhinged Leftist Who Attacked SPICER Also Organized Hit on BETSY DEVOS (VIDEO)

Indian-American activist Shree Chauhan confronted Sean Spicer at an Apple Store Saturday in the Washington DC area.

Shree accused President Trump of being a fascist and criminal while harassing Spicer.

The woman also started blathering nonsense about Russia.
This is the Democrat Party in America: abusive, rude, unhinged bullies.


Shree asked Sean Spicer,

“Have you committed treason too, like the president?… Are you a criminal too?… What about the Russians?”

Now this…
Shree is the same activist who ordered the hit on Trump Education Secretary Betsy Devos:
Via Varney and Co.:

The Free Beacon reported:

Chauhan has made harassing members of the administration a regular thing. She claims to have been the organizer of the protest that stopped DeVos from visiting the Jefferson Middle School Academy after she was confirmed by the Senate.

“I was devastated by the election but I have channeled my anxiety, sadness, and anger into action,” Chauhan wrote in a Medium piece to capitalize on the attention her video of Spicer was getting. “I have explained how dire the situation is to my closest friends and family, and I also organized that Betsy DeVos blockade at a local D.C. school with families and community partners.”

Shree is a self described education advocate and optimist.
Via Bizpac Review:

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