Oregon Judge Under Fire After Helping Illegal Alien Evade ICE

Oregon- A Multnomah County Judge is under internal review after allegedly helping an illegal alien evade ICE agents last month by exiting the courtroom through an employee door.

The Willamette Week reports:

A young man’s daring escape from capture by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, apparently with the assistance of a local judicial referee, has shocked and divided the Portland legal community.

Multnomah County court referee Monica Herranz is under internal review and the target of complaints from  a federal prosecutor after allegedly helping the undocumented immigrant elude ICE last month by exiting the courtroom through an employee door.

The getaway didn’t ultimately keep the man from being snared by immigration officials after pleading guilty to a DUII. But it demonstrates how everyday court proceedings have mutated, and how tensions have grown within the criminal justice system, as ICE steps up deportations under President Donald Trump.

Read the rest of the report here.

Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States. Illegal aliens make up one third of our federal prison population; they are often arrested for violent crimes. Anyone knowingly helping illegal aliens evade law enforcement should be punished as well.

**The Willamette Week has updated this story. The U.S. Attorney and ICE have agreed not to pursue case against Multnomah County court officer. Read that report here.



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