Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood Couragously Left Parliament to Give CPR to Dying Policeman

Conservative MP, Tobias Ellwood ran out of the Parliament building after being instructed to stay, in order to save the life of a policeman stabbed in the Parliament attack. People are calling for him to be knighted for his bravery.

Tobias Ellwood ran out of the Parliament building to administer CPR to a dying policeman. He helped the victim whilst he waited for the ambulance to arrive. Unfortunately, the policeman succumbed to his injuries and passed away from blood loss before he could be taken to hospital.

A source close to Ellwood told The Daily Telegraph: “[He] tried to give mouth to mouth and stem blood flow from multiple stab wounds to the officer until the chopper and medics arrived”.

This isn’t Ellwood’s first brush with Islamic terrorism. Both of his brothers were killed in the Bali terrorist bombings back in 2002. This may be why he was compelled to run over and help the dying policeman.

The London police officer who died in the line of duty has been identified as 48 year old Keith Palmer. He was a 15 year veteran in law enforcement for the Metropolitan Diplomatic Protection Group. He was also a husband and a father.

Many have praised Ellwood. Adam Afriyie told BBC that he saw him heading towards the scene despite police instructions to rush to safety.

Even liberal MP’s praised him. The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron said, “Today, Tobias gave MPs a good name he was utterly heroic, pure and simple. He went above and beyond and did all he could to save a police officer.”

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A police officer commented on the MP’s actions by tweeting…

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