Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Banned from Third Campus in Two Weeks – Schools Claim Security Concerns

Gateway Pundit Correspondent Blocked From Speaking at Three US Campuses in Two Weeks

And he has yet to deliver a single speech on a US campus!

“In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen” (In Thy light shall we see light)  is Columbia University’s motto. However, they are keeping many students in the dark when it comes to debates about free speech on campus. The Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich, along with Breitbart writers Charlie Nash and Allum Bokhari, were booked by a Columbia University student organization to give an open panel discussion on campus free speech set for Thursday, March 3rd. The student organization was also organizing to invite a liberal writer on the panel to debate Wintrich, Nash, and Bokhari.

Days before the event the University decided to cancel the event due to “security concerns” when they discovered that the speakers were from The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart.    After school administrators found out that after March 5th, Nash and Bokhari would be back in London and Wintrich is back in D.C., the administration said that Wintrich, Nash, and Bokhari are welcome to speak on the 9th. Obviously, that is an impossibility.

The student group which organized the event states they filled out all necessary paperwork and completed all other requirements for the event, which included booking a room for the talk, taking an online course, and providing a list of topics to be discussed.  After the school contacted the student organization to tell them the event was being canceled because of security concerns, a club organizer for Columbia’s Young Republicans even tried booking just Wintrich and a liberal writer to debate at an ordinary meeting (typically the administrators cannot control who is invited to speak at scheduled club meetings rather than scheduled lectures) but the administrators then accused the club head of “loophole finding”, as shown by a text message between two of the club’s heads:

Groups like Antifa, which many identify as a domestic terrorist group, often riot and protest these events. Antifa was, in fact, the group mostly responsible for the riots at Berkeley during a recent Milo Yiannopoulos event, a dramatic change from earlier in the year when not a  single protester appeared at a Dinesh D’Souza lecture on the Berkeley campus.  D’Souza even noted there was no protest on his live stream of the event.

This cancellation is just the most recent for Lucian Wintrich, who has had several of his speaking engagements canceled due to security concerns.

Just two weeks ago, NYU canceled citing the same “security concerns” as Columbia. Then on Wednesday, a different NYU club reached out to invite Lucian on a two-person panel to debate a liberal professor.  That invitation lasted for all of two hours before it was rescinded due to security concerns.

Lucian Wintrich, while he has done television interviews for The Gateway Pundit, has never given a talk at a university before. He has been invited to speak a total of four times at universities in the US, only to have his speeches postponed or canceled four times by administrators. Universities have abandoned their responsibility to open discussion both by refusing to hire conservative leaning professors and keeping conservative speakers and media figures off campuses with false claims of “security concerns”, despite specific interest by students in the opinions of conservative speakers. When are institutions of learning going to stand up for everyone’s right of free speech?


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