CNN Guest Attacks Melania Trump After Female Empowerment Speech ‘She Has No Profile’ (VIDEO)

Our beautiful First Lady gave a heartfelt speech yesterday at the State Department. She spoke at the Women of Courage Ceremony, encouraging women to be brave and letting them know that they have a voice.

CNN was caught in a little pickle. They had to speak kindly of this women’s event, however; one guest on CNN just couldn’t conceal her contempt for Melania Trump. She even took a jab at Melania while praising Michelle Obama. Jealousy is a disease!

Kate Anderson Brower: “Well, another author said ‘does she have a low profile?’ No, she has pretty much no profile at this point,” she answered. “I think there is a big question mark about what she’s going to take on.”

“We just saw that she hired a communications director, which I think could make a big difference for her, but by this point in Michelle Obama’s tenure, she had a staff around her. She was very involved. She had graced the covers of magazines and been a real force in Washington, and because Melania Trump doesn’t live here, we don’t see much of her.”

Kate Anderson Brower is your typical jealous liberal fake feminist. Michelle Obama ‘graced the covers of magazines’ because the sycophantic media fawned over the Obama’s like teenagers at a boy band concert. The truth is, Michelle Obama was very unpopular and she was actually being shoved down our throats. Melania doesn’t live in D.C. yet because her son is finishing up the school year at his current school, but why would this fake feminist care about a child’s well being?

Melania Trump is gracious and feminine. She doesn’t want to steal the spotlight from her husband like Hillary Clinton did when she was First Lady. She speaks with conviction and she isn’t in a rush to establish her platform. Fake feminists are jealous of her popularity, beauty and style.


H/T Daily Caller

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