Chelsea Clinton Linked Russia Conspiracy Site Trashes Gateway Pundit on Drudge Report

Daily Beast — A Far-Left Blog Known For Spreading Russia Conspiracy Theories and Misidentifying Terrorists — Smears Gateway Pundit on Drudge Report

The Daily Beast, a Chelsea Clinton-linked conspiracy site that spreads political misinformation and celebrity gossip, took to their blog to attack The Gateway Pundit. In a recent blog post, they criticized The Gateway Pundit for publishing information that further explored the deep, potentially nefarious, ties between the Russian Government and Democrat party leaders.

In a hastily written op-ed, writer Gideon Resnick does acknowledge how chummy Putin and Senator Schumer certainly appear in the much-shared photo, as they laugh and eat donuts as if old friends recovering from a long night together.

Given this, it would seem logical for Resnick to perform his responsibilities as a journalist and investigate these ties. This was not the case. Instead, Resnick diverts his article to passively accuse Sessions of lying to the Senate – which is false – then Resnick moves to an attack first on Joe Hoft, Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit’s credentials in the White House:


Gateway Pundit recently received a spot in the White House press room, despite repeatedly publishing false information collected by troll accounts on Twitter. […] In January, Hoft published a story blaming the wrong Esteban Santiago for the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting attack, then claimed CNN ran a photo of the framed man and lightened his skin on-air. In truth, CNN hadn’t yet run a photo of either the shooter or the framed man, nor did they lighten either picture. Hoft cited a lone Twitter user whose account had been created weeks prior.

Resnick neglects the fact that The Daily Beast has a record of publishing false reports, in one case, wrongly identifying a shooter leading to potentially disastrous consequences for the misidentified man. This lead to IBT awarding The Daily Beast a lengthy spot on “Worst Media Fails” in 2015:

But the Beast has also ballooned as a target for media critics: This year, it couldn’t stop getting stories — very, very big stories — flat wrong. […] A graver example occurred at the end of the year, when the Beast falsely identified one of the suspects in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. Not only did the article confuse Navy veteran Syed Raheel Farook with his brother and the actual suspect, Syed Rizwan Farook, the site also published details and photographs of the wrong brother that were passed around instantly via social media.

But the Daily Beast went further, and after they confused a *decorated* Navy Veteran with a terrorist, they refused to believe that the real San Bernardino shooter supported ISIS despite even MSM acknowledging the links, via Mediaite:

NBC, Fox News, CNN, and The New York Times have all independently confirmed the ISIS allegiance posting (CNN’s report even cited three separate officials). To answer Obeidallah’s question, “no one [saw]” the posting because according to The Times, the couple “took steps to delete their electronic information to cover their tracks.”

The Daily Beast has a long-standing reputation for poorly researched stories and the publication of provably false information, despite the very real consequences that those false stories might generate. It comes as no surprise that rather than investing their own resources in the deep ties between the Russian Government and the Democratic party, they would go after other publications for shining light on these stories.

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