CBS Poll: Trump Speech Scores 76% Approval Rating

President Trump did not just deliver a good speech on Tuesday night.

Americans thought it was outstanding!
76% of viewers liked President Trump’s speech.

48 million Americans watched President Trump’s speech.


CBS News reported:

Viewers nationwide strongly approved of President Trump’s speech Tuesday night, with many Democrats joining Republicans in calling it “presidential” and positive in tone. Republicans and Independents found it “unifying,” though Democrats were slower to come around on that measure.

The President gained support for his policy plans among viewers: Interviewed before and after the address, they came away from it more positive on his ideas for the economy, immigration, terrorism, crime and Obamacare.

As is often the case in addresses to Congress, those who watched were more likely to be from the president’s party – in this case, Republicans. And they described a president they felt was keeping campaign promises and offering an “inspiring” message.

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