As Britain Finalizes Brexit; ‘The Sun’ Beams Optimistic Messages On The White Cliffs of Dover

UK Publication, The Sun, has projected a series of optimistic messages on the White Cliffs of Dover as Britain finalizes their exit from the EU. At 12:30PM GMT, many in Britain were celebrating the delivery of PM May’s letter, that triggers Article 50, to the EU Council President. Via The Sun:

Brexit will be under way, and with it our tricky two-year extrication from Brussels’ grip and the plotting of a new course towards a better, more prosperous future.

As a paper that has railed against EU excesses for so long, helped keep Britain out of the disastrous euro and campaigned fiercely for Leave last year, The Sun is of course delighted.

We have enormous optimism about our country, controlling our own laws and borders and trading independently with the vast and fast-growing nations of the wider world for the first time since the 1970s.

But we have no illusions that negotiating our exit will be easy.

For video, CLICK HERE.


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