BREAKING UPDATES ON LONDON TERRORIST ATTACKS: Police Search For Suspects, Identify Victims

A vicious and brutal islamic attack that killed 5 people and injured over 40 shook London and England on Wednesday.

This car attack was similar to other deadly attacks across Europe. .The brutal knife attacks and car attacks popping up almost daily across Europe.

This Islamist killed four innocent civilians, including Police Officer Keith Palmer who was stabbed by this terrorist as he ran in towards the parliament building.

Keith Palmer was a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Squad, he also had over 15 years of experience protecting and keeping the British people safe.

The metropolitan police held a minute of silence this morning to commemorate the life and sacrifice of PC Keith Palmer

Many tributes also came in with MP’s and close friends commenting on Palmer’s death

Nina Orpington a former colleague of Palmer paid tribute calling the police officer an ‘absolutely lovely man’ who “didn’t deserve to die”.

Conservative MP James Cleverly also paid tribute to PC Palmer saying that he was ‘heartbroken’ by the loss of such a ‘lovely man’.

The victims of this horrific attack included a man in his fifties who died after falling off the bridge and landing onto the underpass. Another victim Aysha Fields was on her way to pick up her children from school when she was hit by her killer’s car.

There is also many people with critical injuries including children.

The victims include:

  • University student Travis Frain– who suffered a cracked rib and and a cracked hand which was subsequently amputated
  • Three other police officers were also injured during the attack.
  • A woman was also pulled out of the Thames after jumping in when the car rampaged towards her.This woman has reportedly been paralyzed from the legs down.
  • Their was also 3 French school children who were injured during the attack and left in “catastrophic condition”
  • South Korean officials have reported that a South Korean tourist was hit by the car and has now lost an arm after being left in a horrific condition.
  • The final reported injury came from a man who is currently suffering from severe injuryies after being hit by a car and left in critical condition.

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