Breaking – Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez Handcuffed at Chicago ICE ‘Sit-in’ (Photos)

Illinois Democrat Representative, Luis Gutierrez was handcuffed at a Chicago ICE ‘Sit-in’ on Monday. He said the handcuffs were taken off after law enforcement ‘changed their minds’.

Gutierrez attended a ‘sit-in’ at Chicago’s ICE headquarters to protest their deportation procedures. He considers the procedures ‘egregious, unfair and morally bankrupt’. He knew that there was a chance of him being arrested after he was given his first warning, yet refused to leave. He even tweeted ‘Federal police giving us our first warning that we risk arrest if we stay at Chicago ICE HQ’.

What is truly egregious is the number of illegal aliens currently living in the United States. What is unfair is the amount of money they steal from tax payers via welfare and illegal employment. What is morally bankrupt are the elected officials who continually shield these illegal invaders even after they have committed heinous crimes.





(Photo taken from Luis Gutierrez twitter account)

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