Antifa Leftists Beat Conservatives – Steal ‘Free Speech’ Sign and Torch it in Berkeley (VIDEO)

This is what the left thinks of your right to free speech:

On a day that was meant to celebrate the President of the United States and show appreciation for his commitment to making America great again, things turned ugly in Berkeley, CA.

At a #March4Trump rally, the same ANTIFA thugs that caused widespread chaos at Milo’s speaking event at Berkeley U., sparked a huge brawl.

A number of rally goers were left bloodied by violent rioters. 5Etfw 5Etfw

Other rioters burned hats at the rally. 5Etfw

Here is additional footage of the chaotic scene:

And then there was this…
The leftists also stole a “Free Speech” sign and torched it during their rioting and attacks.

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