Writer For Netflix Show ‘Dear White People’ Tweets ‘F*ck White People’, Subscriptions Get Cancelled!

Netflix is rolling out a series set for an April release called ‘Dear White People’. It’s supposed to be a comedy about a group of black students who attend an Ivy League University and how they deal with race and identity. The trailer was released on YouTube and it turns out that the anti-white ‘comedy’ didn’t resonate with a lot of people.

The Netflix writer for the show, Jack Moore showed his love for white people on his Twitter account by tweeting out ‘F*ck white people’. Replace ‘white’ with any other race and imagine the outcry from the fake news media. And they wonder why there was a huge backlash from paying customers…

People took to Twitter to show their disgust for this show and called for a Netflix boycott; many people cancelled their Netflix subscriptions and encouraged others to as well. I guess it’s not a good idea to attack a large number of your paying customers.



Watch the trailer here…notice it has nearly 150,000 thumbs down voted.


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