VIDEO: Berkeley Students SUPPORT Man Waving ISIS Flag – Then ATTACK Same Guy When He Waves Israeli Flag

Students At UC Berkeley Support Man Waving ISIS Flag

Students at the UC Berkeley campus set the bar for outrageous behavior pretty high earlier this week when they rioted in protest of a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos. They destroyed property on the campus, beat a man unconscious, and even pepper sprayed an innocent girl for no reason other than she was wearing a Trump hat.

UC Berkeley has a history of supporting violence.

In 2014 filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to conduct a social experiment on the UC Berkeley campus by waving an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag.

While waving the ISIS flag Ami yells out anti-American and pro-ISIS rhetoric as students walk by and are friendly to him.

After some time has passed Ami pulls out an Israeli flag and waves it as he makes pro-Israel remarks and he is immediately attacked by the students on the UC Berkeley campus.


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