TSA FAIL: Passengers at JFK Go Through Security Checkpoint WITHOUT Being Screened

TSA Allows Passengers Through Security Without Being Screened

On Monday the New York Daily News reported that multiple passengers at JFK airport were allowed through security checkpoints without being screened because TSA agents were no where to be found.

The scariest part of what transpired was the fact that security cameras caught metal detectors going off as the passengers walked straight through security without being stopped.

From NY Daily News:

Eleven unidentified passengers walked through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday because the TSA left the area open and unattended, law enforcement sources said.

A security camera captured a metal detector going off three times as the travelers walked through the screening lane, the sources said.

The breach happened around 6 a.m. at Terminal 5, but two hours passed before Transportation Security Administration officials notified the Port Authority Police Department, the sources said.

When they were finally notified, Port Authority cops flooded the terminal equipped with surveillance photos of the travelers, but none of them could be found, the sources said.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the Transportation Security Administration for comment regarding the incident and received no reply.



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