Maryland High School Tells Teachers to REMOVE ‘Anti-Trump’ Diversity Posters

Maryland Teacher Told To Take Down Anti-Trump Posters

A Maryland high school has taken a stand to end politics in the classroom so students can focus on learning without being indoctrinated by their teachers.

Teachers at Westminster High School in Carroll County were told to remove anti-Trump posters from their classrooms last week according to CBS Baltimore.

From CBS Baltimore:


The “We the People” posters depicted Latina, Muslim and African-American women in the same red, white and blue style of the “Hope” election posters for Barack Obama.

Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the Hope posters and the diversity posters, told CNN in January that those three groups could be “the most feeling that their needs would be neglected in a Trump administration.”

Some teachers at Westminster high school put up the posters as an effort to “promote diversity.”

It wasn’t long before the school started to receive complaints that the posters were anti-Trump which lead to the school to tell its teachers to take down the posters.

From CBS Baltimore:

“After some reflection and some discussion, the posters came down until we can further examine the issue,” said Stephen Guthrie, superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools. “We don’t really have any guidelines in Carroll County in terms of what can be displayed, other than the classroom can’t be a forum for politics.”

The move to take down the posters triggered the schools liberal students who made statements like: “That wasn’t the intent at all, to be political or partisan in any way,” and “There’s nothing partisan about it.,” according to CBS Baltimore.



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