SHE’S BACK: Crooked Hillary Just Laid Groundwork for Losing the 2020 Presidential Election (VIDEO)

The Worst Candidate In History Is Back For More

It may seem harsh to call Hillary Clinton the worst candidate in history but even far-left publications like the Washington Post declared Hillary Clinton the winner for the worst candidate award in the 2016 Presidential Election.

That’s saying a lot considering there were 17 Republicans who ran and at the first Democratic debate in 2015 there were 5 candidates on stage. We would congratulate Crooked Hillary on being named the worst out of at least 22 candidates but it just comes so natural for her with her extensive history of lying, corruption and just being nasty.

On Friday, the Democrats released a video of Hillary Clinton where she appears to lay the groundwork for a run in 2020. She continued to talk about the election and the need for the party to move forward. She encouraged all the people who voted for her to be activists and to fight against President Trump.

She looks like she may have gotten a Botox shot in addition to having extensive makeup work done for this short video. Throw in some special lights and color editing work in Adobe Premier Pro to make her look her best and you have all the indicators that she is preparing for a run in 2020.




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