Sedition? Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Leads Rally in Chant of “Dump Trump!”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Democrat from New York, lead an anti-Trump rally in a chant of “Dump Trump!” on Saturday in New York City.

The rally was organized by liberal LGBTQ groups at the Stonewall Inn to protest President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban targeting nationals from seven countries over terror concerns.

It is not clear whether Schumer meant dumping Trump via the ballot box in four years when he is up for reelection, by impeachment. or by any means necessary.


A former Obama administration official, Rosa Brooks, recently broached the idea of removing Trump by a military coup.

Schumer spoke from a lectern with the word, “RESIST” on the front–the rallying cry of Trump opponents seeking to end his presidency.

Schumer said to the crowd of several thousand protesters, according to WPIX-TV, “I know you have my back and I have yours. We are going to ‘Dump Trump!'”

Schumer then led the crowd in chants of, “Dump Trump!”

Video of Schumer was posted by ABC News.

YouTube version:

Trump was inaugurated as president just over two weeks ago.

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