OMG! ‘Human Rights Activist’ Threatens To Murder Le Pen, Says ‘I Am Going To Slit Your Throat MUSLIM-STYLE’

The tolerant Left strikes again, ladies and gentleman. The elites in France are terrified that Marine Le Pen is surging in the polls – putting her in reach of winning the Presidency, or at the very least, the first round of voting.

An “acclaimed” blogger and “human rights activist” is fuming over the prospect of a Le Pen presidency – so much so – that he threatened to slit her throat.

From Express UK:


“AN ACCLAIMED French blogger has come under heavy criticism after thousands of racist, homophobic and hate-filled tweets he published years ago under a pseudonym resurfaced at the end of last week, triggering a storm of outrage.

For years, Mehdi Meklat, a 24-year-old human rights activist and former Bondy Blog journalist – who, until last week, was hailed as one of France’s rising media stars – published “sickening” tweets under the pseudonym ‘Marcelin Deschamps’, a “provocative” but “fictional” character who, according to the young writer, “does not reflect his personal beliefs, values and morals”.

On Twitter, Mr Meklat – writing as Marcelin Deschamps – threatened to kill Marine Le Pen.

He wrote: “I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style.”

The journalist is also guilty of apologising terrorism and anti-Semitism: hiding behind his ‘fictional’ character, he praised Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah, said that he “really missed Osama bin Laden” and that we should “bring back Hitler”.

What a charming individual Mehdi is, right?

No matter – Le Pen is laser focused on running a tight campaign and as mentioned before, doing quite well.

From  Express UK:

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has again surged in the polls in France as she attempts to become the country’s first female president.

Mrs Le Pen is continuing to gain ground on her opponents as the hotly anticipated election gets set to shake the country to its very foundations.

According to a poll by Opinionway Le Pen is in the lead of the first round of voting in the French presidential election.

She is tipped to get 26 per cent, Emmanuel Macron has dropped to just 23 per cent while scandal-hit Francois Fillon is on just 21 per cent.

Mr Macron who has been forced to apologise over comments he made on colonisation is still polling to beat Le Pen in any run-off by 61 per cent to 39 per cent.

Time will tell if Le Pen is able to pull off an epic victory and prove to the world Le Pen is mightier than Le Sword!

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