Nutty Tom Perez Compares Trump to Jim Crow Laws in Mid-19th Century (Video)

New DNC Chair Ignores Democrats Were Behind Jim Crow Laws

At the Latino Political Power Summit on Tuesday newly elected  Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez compared President Trump to Jim Crow.

From NTK Network:

Perez compared his feelings on the current era to the landing of a plane and instructions from flight attendants to turn back clocks. “I feel so frequently today like we should be setting our clocks back to Jim Crow. I feel so frequently like we should be setting our clocks back to the mid-19th century, because this is a know-nothing era.”

Perez, the ‘establishment’ candidate in a hotly contested DNC race, began a sprint to the left immediately following his victory. A day after he won the DNC election, Perez peddled the conspiracy theory that Russia and the Trump campaign “rigged” the 2016 presidential election.

These outrageous claims come after President Trump met with a about sixty presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Oval Office on Monday.



Like most Democrats, Tom Perez completely ignores facts, reality and even more importantly, history.

From The National Review:

Even as the nation celebrates the passage of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, some liberals are using the occasion to bash Republicans as inheriting the legacy of Jim Crow — ignoring the fact that a higher percentage of Republicans in Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act than did Democrats…

But the political enforcement of Jim Crow was entirely in Democratic hands. The Ku Klux Klan functioned as the paramilitary wing of the Democratic party, and it was used to drive Republicans out of the South after the Civil War. Before he took up the cause of civil rights as president, Lyndon Johnson acting as Senate majority leader blocked the GOP’s 1956 civil-rights bill, and gutted Eisenhower’s 1957 Civil Rights Act. Democratic senators filibustered the GOP’s 1960 Civil Rights Act.

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