Macy’s Stores Under Pressure by Liberal Fascists to Remove Ivanka Trump Brand

Macy’s is the latest company to come under pressure by liberal fascists to remove Ivanka Trump products.

Democrats believe if you support Republicans you should be put out of business – just like they do in banana republics.
Business Insider reported:

As a movement to boycott businesses that do business with the Trump family heats up, Macy’s is under pressure to dump Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand.

With Nordstrom announcing on Thursday that it had decided to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s brand, reportedly due to declining sales, customers have taken to Macy’s social media pages to demand the retailer do the same.

“Nordstrom dumped Trump, please follow suit,” reads one of many similar comments on Macy’s Facebook page. “I would never put plastic Ivanka Trump boots on my little daughter.”

Liberal NBC contributor Joy Reid is leading the charge against Ivanka.


The far left Huffington Post has joined in.

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