LET THE HATE BEGIN=> Media Matters Attacks The Gateway Pundit DURING First White House Presser

Today The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft and White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich attended their first White House press briefing in the East Room of the Trump White House.

The left started the attacks on The Gateway Pundit before we even left the White House!

Media Matters led the charge…

A Dangerous Troll Is Now Reporting From The White House

The internet’s most hapless political blogger now has his own White House correspondent — a regular contributor with little reporting experience but ample ties to “alt-right” harassment — sitting in the White House press briefing room.

At the January 19 “Deploraball” event before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Gateway Pundit founder and “dumbest man on the internet” Jim Hoft announced that his outlet would have a White House correspondent with the Trump administration, and that Lucian Wintrich would fill the position. On February 13, Hoft posted a “reader alert” that Hoft and Wintrich will be attending the day’s White House press briefing. Hoft confusingly wrote, “Please look for us and keep your fingers crossed that one of us is asked a question.”

Hours later, Hoft tweeted a photo of himself and Wintrich standing behind the lectern in the White House press briefing room, displaying a hand signal associated with the racist “Pepe” meme. The tweet itself also included the hashtag “Pepe” and a frog emoji, commonly understood to invoke the hate symbol.

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I hope they liked my Trump tie!

Once again Media Matters was reaching…

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