Jonah Goldberg on Berkeley Riots: Milo Courts this Stuff, Feeds on it, Has Parasitic Relationship with Violent Mobs (VIDEO)

What happened to Jonah Goldberg?
He used to be so sensible. Now he sounds like an unhinged leftist.
Good grief.

Jonah Goldberg went on FOX News Thursday morning to discuss the far left violence and rioting last night in Berkeley, California. Last night leftists rioted, started fires, vandalized businesses, robbed ATMs and assaulted conservatives outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speech on the Berkeley campus.

The intolerant left managed to get the speech canceled after the massive destruction and violence.


On Thursday morning Jonah accused Milo Yiannopoulos of

Jonah Goldberg: I think Milo is on cloud nine. He courts this kind of stuff. He feeds on it. He gets much more national exposure. He’s a parasitic relationship with these mobs. I’m sure he’s just delighted by all of it.

That’s just unhinged.
Via America’s Newsroom:

Here is more video of violent leftists destroying property and attacking businesses last night in Berkeley, California.
Via Jason Miller:

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