Hah! ‘Clock Boy’ Loses in Court To Ben Shapiro, Ordered To Pay Shapiro’s Attorney’s Fees!

Looks like a bad day for Ahmed Mohammed AKA ‘Clock Boy’ because he lost in court….AGAIN! The Gateway Pundit reported that ‘Clock Boy’ lost a defamation suit in January. He also sued Ben Shapiro as a part of his legal jihad against free speech and lost! 

According to The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, the 162nd District Court of Texas ruled decisively against Mohammed Mohammed, father of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohammed, dismissing Mohammed’s complaint against Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro and awarding Shapiro his attorneys’ fees as well.

“This is an excellent day for free speech,” Shapiro said. “Using law as warfare is perhaps the most disgusting tactic of politically correct activists across the country, and we couldn’t be more excited to stand up against such frivolous use of our court system. My initial comments suggested that false charges of Islamophobia only muddy the waters when it comes to policing actual dangerous activity, and I’m proud to fight back against such charges.”

Shapiro was represented by Kurt Schlichter, Esq., of Schlichter & Shonack, LLP, in Los Angles, and Chris K. Gober, Esq., and Ross Fischer, Esq., of The Gober Group, PLLC, of Austin, Texas.

Here is a screenshot of the dismissal:


This is another win for America and free speech! Muslims always cry Islamophobia when their ideology is questioned. It is perfectly legal to criticize a religion or political ideology; it is American and Constitutional. Muslims use hoaxes to play victim or in this case to extort money from non-Muslims. Americans are finally waking up to this and fighting back.




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