Federal Authorities Were WARNED About Terrorist Who Executed RTD Officer And Did Nothing; READ THE EMAIL!

Feds Warned About Muslim Terrorist And Did Nothing

An email that was sent from a local Mosque in Denver, Colorado reveals that the Mosque warned federal authorities about Joshua Cummings who executed a Denver Officer on Wednesday in Denver.

Denver’s Channel 7 is reporting that the warning that federal authorities received was that Cummings was very radicalized.

The email (redacted form):


[REDACTED] organized a lunch for reverts (converts to Islam) today, 24th Dec, at Masjid [REDACTED].

One person who attended seems to be very radicalized.

He only gave his first name Joshua. Said he is from Pampa,TX. Also that he had no ID on him, it was stolen. We had a registration process, but declined to register, saying he did not trust the authorities. He gave his phone number to one of our older reverts, [REDACTED]. Said he is staying at a hotel here somewhere. He does not have a job. He has a trailer, but sold the truck. Came to the event by bike. He reverted three years or so back, I think.

He said he is married, and that some of his family threaten to kill his wife. And also that she did not trust the Masjid to come to the event. Implying that she was Muslim too.

He seems pretty advanced in his path of radicalization.

He considers the Masjids as doing Shirk (associating partners with God) and are Mushrik. He also feels that it okay to fight now (not jihad/struggle, but actually fight), here to establish the rule of Islam. He was also quoting a verse from the Quran (2:54) where he claimed Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was asked to kill his entire community (wrong).

He also attended the open house at Masjid [REDACTED] earlier this month, and rebuked publicly during that session, the presenter as being soft and not supporting enough the Hudud laws (criminal laws in shariah).

After talking to him for some time, he agreed to meet with some Imams to clarify his thoughts. I am hoping to arrange a meeting of one of the stronger/more knowledgeable Imams with him to see if he can be mellowed a bit. But I doubt it would help. He is not listening to reason.

I am attaching a few pictures and a video we have of him.

He is the bearded caucasian in a cap, with vest, and green tshirt beside the pillar with a backpack in front of him.

The [REDACTED] team talked about this, and we decided we should let you know.



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