Conservative Street Artist SABO Mocks Hollywood And The Oscars! (Video)

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Street artist SABO went on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday night to talk about how he is mocking the Hollywood elites and the ever declining Oscars. Over the Oscars weekend, he put up a series of posters calling out Hollywood for making “.”

SABO -” I live in L.A. , I live in the Belly of the Beast so why not punch it every now and then.”

SABO feels the way most Americans do about Hollywood, we want to see them on the big screen or T.V. but that’s where it ends.

I love L.A. but these entertainers, we welcome them into our homes because we find them entertaining, only to be punched in the head with their politics. I think that’s kind of rude.

It’s refreshing to see an artist who isn’t afraid to take on the “powerful” Hollywood elite!



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