CNN’s Chris Cuomo Suggests 12 Year Old Girls Are The Problem If They Don’t Want To See A Male’s Genitals In Locker Rooms

CNN’s Chris Cuomo thinks that a 12 year old little girl is the problem if she doesn’t want to be in a locker room with a male where he can expose his genitals to her. He also said that if her father had a problem with it, he is either overprotective or intolerant. There are no words for the level of degeneracy this man has sunk to. What kind of society do we have when it’s not even a priority to protect our daughters from sexual perversion? 

Chris Cuomo received a lot of backlash for his tweet so he tried defending his position by saying that he has 2 daughters. He claims he has the same instinct to protect, however; he’s such a slave to his doxies that ‘equality’ for all eclipses logic. Equality means having your 12 year old daughters exposed to a male’s genitals at school. Unbelievable. Shame on you, Chris Cuomo.

Some of the reactions from people who are outraged on Twitter…


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