Chelsea Clinton Joins Anti-Trump ‘I Am A Muslim Too’ Protest in NYC (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Muslims and Muslim sympathizers took to the streets of New York City to protest President Donald Trump on Sunday.

The name of the protest was called ‘I am a Muslim too.’ What a great way for feminists and liberals to show solidarity with a belief system that oppresses women and believes in the death penalty for homosexuals!

Now of course what would an anti-Trump, pro-Islam protest be without pro-Sharia law and Hamas darling, Linda Sarsour? Of course she showed up with Hollywood washout, Susan Sarandon…


Chelsea Clinton made an appearance with her daughter, Charlotte bragging that it’s Charlotte’s first protest…


Muslim girls are Feminist AF sign…I mean not being able to go out in public without a relative, not being allowed to drive and being blamed for rape is an undervalued virtue and so feminist!

No caption needed…

And here is Hamas darling, Linda Sarsour talking about executive order 9066 signed by DEMOCRAT FDR to put Japanese Americans in camps implying Donald Trump can possibly do that to Muslims and other minorities as well….

Islam has an unholy alliance with the left. They have come together over their hatred of freedom and Christianity. There is nothing feminist or liberal about Islam. Islam has the worst track record of abuses towards women and they believe in the death penalty for homosexuals. This is further proof that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder as they proudly celebrate an oppressive, medieval death cult.

(Featured photo: Jack Posobiec twitter account)

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