CBS, NY Times Incite Violence Against Stephen Miller; Show Trump Advisor With Severed Head on Pike

The media is promoting violence against senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller following his interviews last Sunday in which he talked about vote fraud influencing the presidential election.

CBS Television show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured a segment that showed Miller about to have his head bashed in with a baseball bat, as a mental patient about to be given electro-shock therapy and with his severed head on a pike.

CBS posted the video of the ‘comedy’ segment to YouTube:

The New York Times gleefully posted a screen image of Miller’s severed head from Colbert and declared Miller “Public Enemy No.1”

“White House adviser Stephen Miller became Public Enemy No. 1 with a few late-night hosts on Monday”

Link to the Times article.

Should CBS and the New York Times have their White House press passes revoked for inciting violence against senior Trump administration officials?

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