BOOM! James O’Keefe Drops First Round of CNN Footage

Founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe taunted CNN from his social media accounts this week over the imminent release of CNN tapes.

James will be delivering Wikileaks stlye…drip…drip…drip.

The first round was just released on This site actually forwards to Project Veritas‘ main website. 


(Photo: James O’Keefe Twitter account)

James O’Keeffe III released the first round of videos on Thursday.
He will hold a press conference at CPAC later today.

James promised to investigate the media at the Deploraball party on Inauguration weekdend.

Here is the first video from Project Veritas.

At the end of the video James offers $10,000 for evidence of media malfeasance.
He may get a full mailbox of tips!

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