Black HuffPost Writer HORRIFIED to Learn She’s White and NOT Native-American

“I Celebrated Black History Month… By Finding Out I Was White”

A writer for the liberal Huffington Post learned that she is not as Black as she thought she was, In fact she learned that she is White. Contributor Christine Michel Carter wrote that she celebrated Black History Month by finding out she is White according to her own article in the Huffington Post. 

From HuffPost:

A few weeks ago, in celebration of Black History Month, I completed an ancestry composition report through 23andMe. I found myself interested in their claim of helping clients find where their DNA came from around the world, since DNA can tell where a person’s ancestors lived more than 500 years ago. After completing my home-based saliva collection kit I quickly received my results:

Sub-Saharan African: 67.2%

European: 31.5%

East Asian & Native American: 0.6%

Unassigned: 0.6%

Christine Michel Carter said that “Of all the emotions which materialized from the results, the two strongest were disorient and shame.” 


From HuffPost:

And I wasn’t just told I was Native American and Black by my maternal family, I saw documentation citing an ancestor as a member of the Lumbee tribe, present-day descendants of the Saraw Tribe…

…Which brings me to the rationale behind the second emotion the results unexpectedly surfaced: I found out I was White. Not just 13% White, my husband’s percentage when he too completed the ancestry composition report. Not just 25% White, since the average amount of DNA in an African American’s genome traced back to West Africa is about 75% . I was damn near 1/3 White. That’s significant.

Perhaps Christine Michel Carter is upset because now that she knows she isn’t Native-American she also knows that there is no way she is related to Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas.


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