Wow! Former Trump Spox RIPS Speaker Paul Ryan after Controversial Town Hall (VIDEO)

Former Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson ripped Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday after his controversial statements at a CNN town hall event on Thursday.

Ryan promised to crack down on “sanctuary cities” at the town hall but then promised not to break up families and deport illegal immigrants.

Ryan still thinks he was elected president and not Donald Trump.


Katrina Pierson and Eric Bolling questioned the House Speaker on his conflicting messages.

Eric Bolling: Paul Ryan seems to be all over the place in my opinion on this one. In one instance he says sanctuary cities if you don’t abide by federal law we’re going to cut off federal funding. But then he says this other federal law we’re talking about, don’t worry about that one.

Form Trump National Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: Well where do we start here. This is interesting because one has to raise their eyebrows Eric when the sitting House speaker makes a policy promise to a non-citizen residing in this country, particularly one that is in direct contradiction to the election results not just in the country but in his home state. More importantly, unless this is the Speaker’s way to introduce legislation to codify this piece of Obama’s legacy, on January 20th there will be a new president Donald Trump and he is the only one who will have authority over that executive order.

Via The Factor:

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