Women’s March Partners With Several Islamic Groups Including Hamas-Linked CAIR

On January 21, 2017, thousands of women are expected to take part in the Women’s March on Washington. Who better than to represent women than Islamic groups, especially Hamas front group, CAIR?

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According to the Women’s March website, the purpose of their march taking place right after President-elect Trump’s inauguration day is to advocate for “demonized” groups including LGBTQIA, Muslims, etc. The Women’s March has partnered with several Islamic groups, including Hamas-linked CAIR (CT), the Muslim Women’s Alliance, Arab American Association of New York, and the Women for Afghan Women. While the movement strives for intersectionality between various groups – ethnic, religious, or otherwise, these groups cannot coexist without first assessing that their values align.

What seems especially odd about the feminist-LGBTQIA-Islam conglomerate is that the Islamic movements are directly opposed to the aims of mainstream feminists. While mainstream feminists advocate for freedom of expression in clothing, CAIR maintains that Muslim women should wear “loose-fitting, non-revealing clothing, known as hijab, or khimar”. According to CAIR’s guide for educators, Muslim boys and girls may not take same-sex communal after-sport showers, and that Muslim students should not be forced to participate in coed swimming classes. CAIR also insists that Muslims may not want to shake hands with teachers and administrators of the opposite sex – but as a “sign of personal modesty”. How does CAIR know what each Muslim is thinking when he or she refuses to shake a person’s hand? It could very well be out of condescension towards women – which is prescribed in the Quran.

The worst offenders of women’s rights are Islamic countries. Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t even allowed to drive or go out in public unless they are completely veiled and with a male relative. Muslim women suffer the worst abuses under Islam, including having acid thrown in their faces and being stoned if their husbands accuse them of infidelity.

I reached out to CAIR, Linda Sarsour and Rep. Keith Ellison on Twitter and asked them if they denounce the Quran’s call to subjugate or kill me as a non-Muslim and here’s how they all answered me….as you can see they are very tolerant and inclusive!

Read how CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case here.



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