Winning! Mexicans Begin Self Deporting Before Trump Inauguration

More Winning…
Mexicans are already starting to self-deport before the Trump Inauguration.

VDare reported:

The family and I just visited Mexico again for Christmas and there are even more signs Mexicans are already returning to their country.

On my last visit, I noticed there was a new station at the border crossing called Repatriaciones (repatriations). On this visit, we entered Mexico on December 19th, 2016, and I went to the same immigration station. The repatriations desk was actually in business and was taking “customers.” There were more changes as well. In fact, the counter where I obtain my permit had been moved and was actually right next door to the repatriations section. It is now called Repatriación Humana, which means “humane repatriation”. It’s subtitled México está contigo (“Mexico is with you”).

A sign in the Repatriación Humana section listed benefits for the repatriated: food and water, a document to prove they have returned, information and orientation to help them and temporary lodging.

Parts of the station had been re-organized and I noticed places where people could acquire a driver’s license and a CURP (Mexican identification document). It looks as though these are designed for repatriated Mexicans who may have been in the U.S. for a long time.

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