White Supremacist Richard Spencer Tries to Enter DeploraBall – GETS TOSSED TO STREET

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Tries to Enter DeploraBall – Gets Booted to the Street

Editor’s note: I have been blogging for 12 years and have never heard of this guy until this year. In all of my years of following the conservative movement, I have never met a white supremacist, Nazi or KKK member who was out and proud. The way Richard Spencer was acting last night makes me think this guy is a leftist plant. Don’t believe the #FakeNews media. We disavow Richard Spencer.

After being disavowed by Donald Trump who said that he doesn’t stand for what Richard Spencer does, Richard Spencer decided to purchase a ticket to the DeploraBall after being shunned by conservative academia, politicians, and the media. The conservative community agrees this guy is crazy, he was given a polite response and refund from the DeploraBall organizers stating that he does not stand for what modern conservatives stand for. Which is true. He is not conservative, rather he’s a white supremacist running a campaign of hate from his mother’s garage in Montana.

After receiving the letter he wrote back and seemed to understand where the organization was coming from. But, much like a stalker, he waited outside for 3 hours with two cronies. One of them was a 6’7” 300 lbs. skin head with an American themed jacket but a 1488 tattoo peeking out from under his right sleeve. They waited for everyone to funnel out and proceeded to stalk key members of the DeploraBall to a separate location.

Spencer casually tried to take pictures of them and then tried to incite violence with people who recognized him. At the second location, a woman approached him and told him that “Richard, you’re not even part of the party. You’re a complete disgrace.” He responded by saying to the woman, “you don’t have an ideology or a goal.” She responded with, “I’m conservative and I’m Jewish, you disgust me. and you’re an embarrassment to what we stand for.” She walked away.

The DeploraBall was a complete success, veterans were in abundance celebrating the amazing victor, Donald Trump.

Not in attendance was Richard Spencer who was denied entrance based on his white supremacist views.


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