Undercover Project Veritas: Protesters Using Homeless To Block Streets During Inauguration? (AUDIO)

Early this week James O’Keefe exposed radical leftist group, #Disrupt20 with a series of undercover videos. The Gateway Pundit was one of the first to report on the Project Veritas videos here and here

We also reported on the latest developments regarding law enforcement involvement here.

The latest round reveals audio of an undercover Project Veritas journalist speaking to a #Disrupt20 organizer named Eric Sheptock where he reveals his plans to use the homeless to impede traffic.


Eric Sheptock: “So the plan was to block vehicle and pedestrian traffic, you know and to set up the feed right there in the street. And so I am in direct contact with Food Not Bombs. They’re based here in D.C. and…so, they’ve already told me that they plan to be down there feeding and I can always call them, you know, but…”

PV Journalist: “How do you block the roads? Is it just you guys walking out on the street? Or is it like…”

Eric Sheptock: “Yeah, so. Yeah, just go out in the street. Maybe-I’m expecting them to have tables to feed with you know. But there’ll be folks standing out in the street, you know, to impede the traffic.”


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