Trump Stands With Police On Appreciation Day; Top Dems Ignore Them!


Blue Lives Matter To President Trump

#LawEnforcementAppreciationDay ‬

Monday is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and President Trump is standing with law enforcement all across the America. He gave a special thanks on social media to those who put their lives at risk everyday to protect the American people.

Democrats Ignore Law Enforcement On Appreciation Day

Obama’s Twitter Account:


Hillary’s Twitter Account:


This article was written at 10:30 EST.

Other Notable Democrats That Ignored Law Enforcement On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day:

(Click on their names to view their Twitter accounts)


John Kerry

Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden

Dianne Feinstein

Tim Kaine

Chuck Schumer

Al Gore

Rahm Emanuel

Andrew Cuomo

A total of 50 or so Democratic Twitter accounts were checked to see if they acknowledged Law Enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. NOT A SINGLE ACCOUNT DID.

Notable Republicans Honor Law Enforcement


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