THOUSANDS of Angry Leftists Protest GOP Retreat in Philly (VIDEO)

Philadelphia-Thousands of people protested the GOP Retreat on Thursday. They were chanting “If We Don’t Get No Justice, We Don’t Get No Peace!” They were also holding up signs with the usual leftist rhetoric about white supremacy and KKK. has a schedule of all the protests that will be taking place and encouraged the protesters to surround Loews Hotel where Donald Trump and other Republican leaders are speaking. Although they called for ‘non-violent civil disobedience’, it is being hosted by Black Lives Matter which has a very violent reputation and in my opinion, a domestic terrorist organization.

Of course these protests are all based on lies. The left is completely unhinged! These protesters are not grassroots.


I spoke to a witness in Philadelphia a block away from these protests and I was told that buses were bringing in many of these protesters.

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