SICK! NH Man Masturbated into Dirty Diaper before Setting Church on Fire


Anthony Boisvert – Explodes In Court

Anthony Boisvert, 27, was arraigned Tuesday on two class B felony counts of arson, one class A felony count of arson, two class A count of first degree assault and two class B counts of tampering with witnesses and informants. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Boisvert is accused of stabbing two people and burning down a church — after masturbating into a dirty diaper.

From NH1:

Police said a Lebanon man admitted to masturbating into a dirty diaper while watching child pornography in a historic Lebanon church’s rectory before setting the church and two other buildings on fire and later stabbing two people.

Boisvert exploded in court this week.
From ABC13:

“I would have slit her throat. Boom!” Boisvert said. “She would have been dead.”

Boisvert flew into a rage, interrupting court proceedings. He threatened to harm members of his own family…

…According to court documents, Boisvert told police he broke into the First Baptist Church, committed a lewd act in the nursery, and then set the entire structure ablaze. He’s also accused of setting a fire in a nearby building’s basement. Detectives say Boisvert told them he knew children lived in the building.

Video From Court


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