SHOCK VIDEO=> Violent College Leftist Assaults Conservative Students on Camera

A violent college leftist assaulted a campus conservative after he started filming during a campus meeting.

The incident that was posted by Turning Point USA happened at West Virginia University recently.

The conservative students were attending a meeting at a public university.


Hat Tip Mike Cernovich

The College Fix has more on the video:

‘Why the f— are you filming me right now?’

What started as a meeting between progressive and conservative student groups to discuss a possible public debate turned violent Wednesday night, according to video captured by one of the participants.

A member of the West Virginia University Left Alliance physically attacked a member of the campus Turning Point USA chapter who was recording him after the meeting had ended on a sour note and the groups had dispersed.

A source who knows the aggressor identified him to The College Fix as Kelley Denham, who is also president of the WVU Gender Equality Movement, a student group.

Another Turning Point participant seen in the video, Kaitlynn Critchfield, told The Fix that Denham threw her against the wall and tried to take her phone before he was recorded attacking the other member who was filming. She said she alerted the campus police after the incident.

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