SHADY: YouTube Reinstates MILO’s Livestream After Event

It appears YouTube is up to its dirty tricks again. This time, the Google-owned video platform disabled Milo  Yiannopoulos’ talk on immigration at University of New Mexico and magically turned it back on after the event concluded.

Breitbart reported on the letter it received about the situation:

“Thanks for contacting YouTube. I hope this email finds you well.

Good news! Our Policy Team has reviewed your video and it’s been reinstated. The relevant team has reviewed the content and they confirmed that the video was mistakenly removed before being reinstated. We review all flagged content quickly, and if we find that a video does violate the guidelines, we remove it. Occasionally, a video flagged by users or identified by our spam/policy team is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring videos or channels that has been removed.Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions!
Disabling the livestream for the talk is highly suspect and not the first time YouTube has targeted Conservatives. Despite reinstating the website since, Conservative site “Legal Insurrection was mysteriously shut down.
The Blaze reports:

The conservative blog Legal Insurrection is claiming YouTube shut down its channel over copyright violations but that it never received a warning that the eight years of video content housed on their channel would be wiped — until it was too late.

A message was posted by YouTube at the top of Legal Insurrection’s channel, noting that “multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement” had been received. However, the website says it was never given a warning to remove the content in question. Instead, YouTube just took it down.



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