GOP Senator Offers A Valium To Dem Senator Ron Wyden During Mnuchin Hearing! (VIDEO)

Fireworks! Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas (R) offers Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon (D) a Valium during the Treasury confirmation hearing.

Senator Roberts: “Senator Wyden, I’ve got a Valium pill here if you might wanna take it before the second round…just a suggestion”

Senator Wyden: “Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman, I hope that comment about Valium doesn’t set the tone for 2017 in this committee. I like Senator Roberts but I…I just can’t quite believe he would say that to a distinguished Senator from Oregon.


Senator Roberts: I said that to the President of the United States at one point…

Watch the heated exchange between these two men… I sure do hope this sets the tone for 2017!


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