Russian Reporter: Shocking to See How Biased the US Liberal Media Was Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Even in Russia They Can See The Bias in US Liberal Media

This morning I met with several Russian reporters traveling with the International Visitor Leadership Program with the US State Department.

One reporter shared with me this popular poster that you can see in Russia today.

The poster with photos of Putin and Trump reads: “The distance between us is big, but our hearts are very close.”

The visiting Russian reporters were intrigued with the US election this year and Republican President Donald Trump.


The reporters said that during the election the Russian press supported Donald Trump because they knew he did not have a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton. And the Russians hated Barack Obama for the sanctions he imposed on Russia following the Crimea invasion.

To the Russian public’s astonishment Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

After the meeting one reporter “Alexander” told me how shocked the Russians were with the bias of the US media.

Even the Russians who were weaned on Pravda can see from an Ocean away how awful and out of control the liberal mainstream media is in America today.

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